Helen Marie Kaminski crafted her first raffia hats for her children in 1983. They lived in Australia where the sun was harsh and they needed protection.

Helen was asked by a friend to leave a hat in her shop — the hat ended up in an issue of Vogue magazine, was worn by some famous Australian actresses and the Helen Kaminski brand was born.

 What started as humble beginnings has now transformed into a leading global accessories brand, renowned for craftsmanship and synonymous with travel. The brand’s effortless style transcends the fashion seasons with contemporary collections of hats, handbags, scarves and small accessories for men and women that inspire confidence and reflect individual style.

With a focus on preserving traditional handcrafts and a commitment to REAL principles (Renew, Extend, Assess and Lessen) Helen Kaminski aims to preserve and lessen the brand’s impact on the natural environment. This inspires its designs and provides raw materials. While global consumers are starting to demand fashion pieces that hold respect for people and planet, the Helen Kaminski brand is becoming more relevant.


For the creators, explorers and the utilitarian man, KAMINSKI crafts luxurious essentials that blend quality, function and uncompromising style, with traditional techniques, premium materials and innovative design.

KAMINSKI delivers the core components to complete every stylish man’s wardrobe; a balance of refined quintessential designs and directional accents. The finest materials are sourced from all over the world, from signature raffia to sophisticated furs to cashmere knits and innovative, Woolmark certified, ultra-fine merino wool felt.

While paying homage to the Helen Kaminski brand values, each KAMINSKI hat is made with the discerning, cultured and well-traveled man in mind, with an appreciation for design and a keen eye for detail.


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