Helen Kaminski® is a leading brand of fashion and lifestyle accessories. Since 1983, this Sydney, Australia based brand has maintained an international reputation for innovative headwear with a relaxed chic attitude.

In the early days, Helen Kaminski® hats were made in Australia. As demand grew, the expertise of skilled weavers was needed. Production was moved to Madagascar where the finest raffia grows. Stylish and functional women's headwear created from raffia using traditional handcraft methods is the signature of the brand. The local workers were trained to produce Helen Kaminski® hats with the highest standards. Today, the company creates fashion and lifestyle accessories under two internationally recognized brand names, Helen Kaminski® and Kaminski XY for men.

The signature Spring/Summer collection uses raffia as its core and remains the specialty of the company. Handcrafted raffia hats and bags are renowned for their quality, unique styling and color innovation. A diverse range of fabric hats and summer totes made from fine natural fibers complements the raffia collection.

The Autumn/Winter collection embodies the stylish functionality of the brand. A diverse collection of luxury materials creates timeless yet innovative headwear. Softly sculpted fur felt and plush wools complement practical water resistant fabrics, all from a natural base.

The Helen Kaminski® handbag collection captures the essence of the brand by using traditional handcraft methods and innovative techniques. The Spring/Summer handbag collection focuses on handcrafted raffia crochet and raffia braid bags developed in unique stitches and finishes. The Autumn/Winter collection delivers handcrafted details in full leather and combination to create bags with a relaxed stylish sophistication.

Our unique product range is featured year round in major department stores, resorts, clothing and accessory shops in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The diversity of our product offering continues to grow as our international markets develop. Today, creating nature inspired innovative products remains at the core of our company.