Betmar® has offered women’s headwear and accessories that display a perfect marriage of form, function and quality craftsmanship since 1933. The collections always include classic styles, fit to wear on any day or occasion, as well as trendy styles perfect for making a bold fashion statement. By combining unique shapes and silhouettes with high quality materials, Betmar® creates headwear, scarves, and bags that are essential in every stylish wardrobe.

Betmar® takes inspiration from its origins in energetic New York. Betmar® is continually reinvigorating its brand with headwear that is feminine, lighthearted and effortless at a moderate price point. Betmar®represents a positive attitude and bright and thoughtful take on life.

For more than eighty years, Betmar® has covered American women with sophistication, style and comfort. The collection is now available throughout the world offering women everywhere these great products loved by generations of American women.