The Hat Ladies hosted their 4th Annual Hats of The World Luncheon on January 16th. The event was held for female ambassadors and officials to The United Nations by Isabelle Picco, Ambassador to Monaco.

Don Rongione, CEO of Bollman Hat Company, provided Plaza Suite Hats for the guests at the event and mingled with guests representing over 20 countries. “Don was able to see the joy that his hats brought to everyone, and the impact they have in bringing our world closer together,” said head hat honcho Archie Burkel.

“Hats are known as a fashion statement, and for the past four years, they’ve made a diplomatic statement as The Hat Ladies of Charleston traveled to New York to host the female ambassadors to The United Nations. Ladies of all ages came together from all corners of the world under one symbolic hat, at The Hats of The World Luncheon,” said founder, Burkel.

Ambassador Simona Miculescu of Romania and Ambassador Isabelle Picco of Monaco

Bollman Hat Company Holds Design Challenge

upcycle pic

Bollman Hat Company recently hosted a design challenge for art students in the Tri-State area.  The challenge had an Upcycling theme – taking what would be waste and turning it into something useful and new.  The “would be waste,” in this case, consisted of wool felt trimmings and fibers that are a byproduct of the hat making process.

Applicants were asked to design and construct an item of their choice using the materials provided.  Items could be submitted in one of three categories:  Wearable art (clothing), Wearable art (accessories, including hats), Other (sculpture, etc).  The goal was to create something that could be sold to consumers and eliminate waste.

Judging was based primarily on the use of materials, quality of construction and marketability.   Many eager students accepted the Bollman Design Challenge, but two lucky winners took home the prizes.


1st Place – Felicia Gregory, Wearable Art, Clothing

Grand Prize Winner – Kelsey Chute, Wearable Art, Accessories

1st Place, Wearable Art

1st Place, Wearable Art, Clothing

Grand Prize, Wearable Art,  Accessories

Grand Prize, Wearable Art, Accessories

Bollman Hats Gives Back

Bollman Hats - Hats for the Homeless 12.18.13 015

Yesterday, December 18, Bollman Hats participated in the 8th annual Headwear for the Homeless event.  CEO Don Rongione and other Bollman Hats representatives traveled to various shelters in Reading, PA to donate hats and cold weather accessories to people in need and to wish them a merry Christmas.

“It’s so great to see the smiles we put on everyone’s faces when we tell them the hats are totally free, just because we care.  Everyone is so grateful and with all of the snow we’ve had this year they can definitely use a nice warm hat for the winter,” said Rachel Highley, Bollman Hats Executive Assistant.

Rongione agreed, adding “For as long as I’m CEO we will continue to participate in this event because it’s just a great thing to do and a wonderful way we can impact our community during the Christmas season.”

Some of the places the Bollman team visits each year include Mary’s Shelter and the Opportunity House which provides hot meals and a safe place to stay for over 100 men, women and children. Opportunity House is a multi-service organization with a primary goal of helping its residents achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. Services include the first 24-7 Learning Center in the State, emergency, transitional and permanent housing, and the Children’s Alliance Center (CAC) providing services to children who have been sexually abused.


Bollman Hats and American Made Matters Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer

American Made Matters, founded by Don Rongione, Bollman Hats President and CEO, is making an impact.  The first annual American Made Matters Day is tomorrow, November 19th, and AMM along with Bollman Hats was featured on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning! We have no doubt that Americans will be shopping for U.S. made goods tomorrow and throughout the holiday season. Bollman Hats will be offering special sales and discounts on all made in USA styles on  To read the online version of the article – click here!